Starmall Las Pinas City – CobraUrge Ride Rules Tour Season 2

2013-06-15 – philippine Bike Stunts Festival


Tuloy na tuloy napo

Cobra Energy Urge Ride Rules Tour Season 2
philippine Bike Stunt Festival

cobra energy urge ride rules tour Season 2 1st leg

nts Registration (May 18 2013 Amphitheater Riverbanks Marikina City)

Registration for BeginnersNovice Division 17 years old and Below
bmx Street bmx Box Jump mtb Box Jump
9am to 12nn

Registration for Old School Division 38 years old and above
mtb Box Jump
1pm to 4pm

Registration for proExpert 18 years old and above
bmx Street bmx Box Jump bmx Flatland mtb Box Jump
1pm to 4pm

Registration fee is p 5000 only

Mechanics to join
1 nts can register onsite in the event venue
2 nts should be physically and mentally fit to join the contest
3 nts must bring thier own sports equipment to compete
4 protective equipments most importanly the helmet must be wear at all times during runs specifically on the Box Jump Contest No helmet No play
5 nts must have a signed waiver first before competing
6 For nts below 17 years old below youre guardianparent will be the one to register you in the competition GUARDIANpARENT appearance and consent is a must no GUARDIANpARENT appearance and consent No Competition and play

schedule of events (Subject to change without prior notice)
1pm to 2pm Start of mtb Box Jump Contest (BeginnersNovice Division)
2pm to 3pm Start of bmx Box Jump Contest (BeginnersNovice Division)
3pm to 4pm Start of bmx Street Contest (BeginnersNovice Division)
4pm to 5pm Start of mtb Box Jump Contest (Old School Division)
5pm to 6pm Ride
6pm to 7pm Start of mtb Box Jump (pro Expert Division)
7pm to 8pm Start of bmx Box Jump (pro Expert Division)
8pm to 9pm Start of bmx Street (pro Expert Division)
9pm to 12mn Awarding and party

Lifestyle event
1 Graffiti Demo
2 Low Riders
3 dj Mixing show
4 Rap battle

Other details to follow

Ride Rules

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