Underground Wonder Bar – An Evening with The Lady of House

2013-07-26 – Please grab a friend or come with the beautiful you that you are to enjoy with Blondbabe Promotions 1st Series of

An Evening with The Lady of The House

On this our opening installment we will be swayed soothed and soulfully carried thru an evening of masterful sounds and true iness by our very own resident and Seasoned sound conductor none other than Celestethedj Alexander

Celeste is Chi’s own along with being one of the pioneering ground breaking leaders of female DJ’s in this Life called House

For those of us that have been blessed with this earxperience before thru one of her many soudwave sessions such as
On her long running Cyberjamz show The Celestial Odyssey smoothly blending with her musical partner and husband Bigg Easy alongside her fellow brothers of sound NuBang Clan at the Silver Room or maybe you made your history with this accomplished sound weaver during the Do The Thang Series the 720 Club lest we forget the sooo missed Cuatros with Soul Joy( now that was an Earxperience) or on her coowned label Sophistacado Recordings with Vick Lavender or was it at the Neus Connection Sessions

Which ever it may have been we all can definitely relate to others this is a real eargasim of a treat with soul satisfying sounds they will want to hear over and over again So please and tell or bring a friend along experience the message in the music

We are ing an evening of Grown folks Sounds Spirits and Satisfaction As always you will be in good company and Surrounding Love from us to All of your Beautiful Souls

See you all on the floor

We are in the bat so be sure to tell the big guy the door you are there for House downstairs and come on down

Door Cover
5 till 11pm 10 thereafter

There is a full service bar down stairs and they are equip for credit transactions along with a late night lite kitchen with a tasty pizza on the menu

There is on the street parking with well lite areas and fellow party people to and fro
side note Ladies if you are alone please notify us we will make sure you are ed for our peace of mind that you safe are able to make it out for the next Series
Oh yes Next months labor day Event omg people Trust we gottcha on this

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